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Yes they do

It was early spring on a wonderful Sunday afternoon, and I was relaxing in my backyard. Most of the trees had not leafed out yet, but the redbuds were blooming. As I sat there taking it all in, I got to wondering about something… so, I asked God a question, “You know God, in my backyard, I have photographed a hawk in the desert willow and one on the wagon wheel, but never one on the ‘big rock.’ I wonder why hawks don’t land on that rock?”

Fast forward to Monday morning. I glanced out the window while strolling through my great room, and yep, there was a Red-Shoulder Hawk sitting on the big rock. You have to understand, that was the first time I had seen a Red-Shoulder Hawk actually inside my backyard. I had only seen them on the power lines behind my house and in the trees at the back. And, the only other hawks I had ever seen inside my backyard were Sharp-Shinned and Cooper Hawks. So this was a double treat, not just any hawk, but a Red-Shoulder Hawk on the exact rock I had wondered about.

Remember, I didn’t ask God to bring a hawk to that specific location, I just wondered why hawks don’t land on that rock. I guess God is saying, “Yes they do.”

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