What is that on the lawn chair?

Yesterday afternoon around 3:15, I noticed something sitting on the recliner in the back yard. I moved slowly and got my camera. Knowing I could not open the door, I took a few photos thru the window. I know its not the optimum way, but I could have some kind of image. This Cooper’s hawk was watching the rose bushes, and then the hawk dropped down on the ground and went under the rose bushes. Quickly I moved out the back door and waited and watched to see what would happen. The hawk was under the rose bushes for several minutes then jumped up onto the water fountain. All I could see was the hawk’s feet! Yes, I am trimming the rose bush today! At any moment the hawk would fly away. But, the hawk jumped back down and went under the roses again. Several minutes later the hawk is back out. I kept waiting for good images. The hawk then jumps up on the birdbath. Dawg! One limb between the hawk and myself, the hawk is in the shadows also. But then the hawk jumped up on the recliner where I first saw the hawk. I took several images, knowing the hawk was going to fly any minute. Well, ten minutes later, the hawk took off. I was sad to see him go, the songbirds were very happy again. Austin, my son, notice the hawk’s eyes was yellow and we have seen a Cooper’s hawk with red eyes. Yellow eyes means that the hawk was an immature Cooper’s hawk, if I have got my facts correct.

Cooper's Hawk in the yard
Cooper's Hawk in the yard
Cooper's Hawk in the backyard
Cooper's Hawk

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