Glenrose State Park

Drove down to Glenrose at lunch on Sunday for our favorite Bar-B-Q, Hammond’s. Lunch was wonderful, but we were a little sad, no peanut butter pie today. Then off to Glenrose State Park to see what we could see. Driving through the park we didn’t see much wildlife action, I wondered if we were going to see anything. We decided to stop and walk around the picnic area. Patti and Morgan went one way and I headed a different direction. It did not take long before Patti yelled out Cedar Wax Wing. I headed over her direction and I spotted a Brown Creeper working its way up a tree, it is a lot of fun to watch and it is fast. We spent the next hour photographing Cedar Wax Wings, Goldfinches and a mystery bird, yet to be determined.

Cedar Wax Wind
Cedar Berry eating Cedar Wax Wing

ISO 400 400mm f/8 1/400 sec

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