Franklin's gull
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From Chile to Canada

For the last few years, I have noticed during springtime I see gulls flying north. They fly high overhead, but in the last couple of years there seems to be more of them; or, maybe I have just learned to look for them. I have identified them as Franklin’s gulls. It is amazing that once you start looking for birds you see more of them. Funny how that happens. I just assumed they were flying from the Texas coast to some other coast or to the great lakes. I was shocked when I looked them up on These gulls are flying from the coast of Peru and Chile to freshwater marshes in Canada. These gulls have been flying this way since the time of creation… and I just now noticed them the past few years? What am I blind? How many more are out there if I just look for them? These are the questions that I deal with… which makes me wonder what else does God has for me that I am not seeing? I will seek the Lord, I will ask that He, the Creator, will open my eyes to see His wonders and blessings.

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