Texas Red
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Texas Red

After gathering my tools, I backed the SUV into the backyard to hook up to the trailer. I jumped out and hooked up the trailer then I got back into the SUV. That was when I spotted a red-shouldered hawk (I am naming him, Texas Red) fly up from the ground on the other side…

Death in the willow.
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Death in the willow.

The other day I was enjoying watching the ruby-throated hummingbirds fly around the backyard. Currently I have six hummingbird feeders up and going for the fall migration. There must have been 3 or 4 hummers fighting for the feeder closest to the desert willow. I was listening to the hummers making their little chatter. Suddenly…

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Stay put

I was at one of my favorite places at one of my favorite times, which is thirty minutes before sunrise. This particular Saturday morning was no different. I was set-up to photograph the sunrise right at the water’s edge at Old Bison Ranch. It is summer time that means snakes are out and about, so…

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Backyard Drama

It was a warm summer evening, no it was not, and it was hot and muggy. I decided to do some yard work, but that did not happen. As soon as I stepped into the backyard, it started to sprinkle, not much, but enough to make me take pause for a moment. I heard the…