A close connection

It was the last day of the wettest May on record. It rained so much, that you could cover the entire state of Texas with 8 inches of water. And now my plane was being delayed by the lightning. I was concerned that the delay would make me miss my connecting flight at LAX to Redmond. I was surprising my folks, by dropping in on them, I had not been “home” in 7 years. We were finally on our way about an hour and half behind schedule. I had the window seat, a retired black gentleman, wearing a brown suit, was in the middle seat. We spoke a bit, he was on his way back home, retired from the City of LA and still lives there. I was only half way listening to him. He, said that he was moved to this flight from a later flight, and he didn’t say why they moved him up. We made it to Los Angeles with 30 minutes to spear. We were assured that the connecting flights knew that we were coming. When I got off the plane, I was not sure where I was suppose to go. I noticed the gentleman who was seated next to me, he was waiting to show me how to get to the other terminal. We walked a little ways, he directed me on which way to go. I thanked him and scurried off. I made it to my gate 10 minutes before the plane was suppose to depart. I saw that the gate attendant walked away before I got there. I got her attention and asked if I had time to use the restroom. She looked surprised and said “I am closing this gate right now”. Well, I guess I will have to hold it and got on the plane. Storing my camera bag in the upper storage, sitting down, the steward closed the plane door. Now that is what I call a little too close for me, if the gentleman had not helped me, saving me only minutes. I would have missed the only flight to Redmond that day. Was he an angel? I think so.

Yes they do

It was early spring on a wonderful Sunday afternoon, and I was relaxing in my backyard. Most of the trees had not leafed out yet, but the redbuds were blooming. As I sat there taking it all in, I got to wondering about something… so, I asked God a question, “You know God, in my backyard, I have photographed a hawk in the desert willow and one on the wagon wheel, but never one on the ‘big rock.’ I wonder why hawks don’t land on that rock?”

Fast forward to Monday morning. I glanced out the window while strolling through my great room, and yep, there was a Red-Shoulder Hawk sitting on the big rock. You have to understand, that was the first time I had seen a Red-Shoulder Hawk actually inside my backyard. I had only seen them on the power lines behind my house and in the trees at the back. And, the only other hawks I had ever seen inside my backyard were Sharp-Shinned and Cooper Hawks. So this was a double treat, not just any hawk, but a Red-Shoulder Hawk on the exact rock I had wondered about.

Remember, I didn’t ask God to bring a hawk to that specific location, I just wondered why hawks don’t land on that rock. I guess God is saying, “Yes they do.”